LadyBug EP

by Joseph Running Crane

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released April 15, 2017

Joseph Running Crane - guitar, bass, vocals

-The Dirty Birds-
Aaron Jennings-10-string steel guitar
William Saylor-fiddle
David Johnson-drums
Michael Bustamante-drums
Sam Platts-Telecaster on Downstream, Yr Daddy Don’t Like Me, Owl Eyes
Clark Grant-Rhodes keyboard on Owl Eyes

Recorded by Clark Grant at Len Waters Music in Butte, America and House of Watts in Missoula, MT
Additional recording and mixing done by Ben Weiss at House Of Watts in Missoula, MT
Mastered by Chris Hanzsek at Hanzsek Audio in Snohomish, WA
Cover Art by Buck Miller
All songs written by Joseph Running Crane

Thank you: Clark Grant, Ben Weiss, Shawna Lee, Cyndy and Chips Running Crane, Buck Miller, The Jennings-Ludwick family, Sam Platts, Michael at Missoula Copy, partners, family, friends, etc. -Love-



all rights reserved


Joseph Running Crane Missoula, montana

Highline folk//reservation rock.

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Track Name: Downstream
Look out past those mountains
Look out past those hills
Look out past those doors and the lonely space they used to fill
You’ll see all those who wander
You’ll see all those who fall
You’ll see the streams of poison and how they flow into it all

And you’ll think
“No longer”

You’re drinking last week’s coffee
You’re running the same tread
You know that this ain’t living but it ain’t being dead
And you’re losing all the ends
Trying to untie the knots
Those little bits of string ain’t much but they’re the only thing you got

And you’ll say
“No longer”
Track Name: Yr Daddy Don't Like Me
Come on my friend let’s go
It’s getting dark
I’ve got a long way to go
And it becomes a longer walk back home
But if you let me crash on your floor tonight
Then maybe we could stagger home
Honest-drunk into the morning light

And I know
Your girlfriend don’t like me
And I know
That you got places to be
And I know
That you got people to see
But when can I say this without it sounding naive?

Come on my dear let’s stay
Let’s stay a while
Cos I’m too drunk and you’re too stoned
To drive all those twenty miles back home
I know there’s nothing on TV tonight
But if we catch a cab sometime
Then rest assured we’ll get home alright

And I know
Your daddy don’t like me
And I know
That you got to get up early
And I know
We got the kids to feed
But when did we get like this?
When did we stop being so naive?

And I know
The sun is coming up
And I know
There’s nothing left in this cup
And I know
That it’s time to go home
And I know
That I’ll be walking alone
Track Name: Owl Eyes
I saw it take flight from the other side of the river
The sun sat high and the heat made the ground shiver
It’s call was like a watershed
From the river to your hospital bed
And those eyes and those wings made me think of darker things

And what is it now
That you are trying to tell me?
I’m losing sleep and I still don’t know anything

I saw it land on the foothills of the mountain
And its mouth split back and the sound came out like a fountain
It was moving all around
But it never made a sound
And those eyes and those wings made me think of darker things

And what is it now
That you are trying to tell me?
I’m losing sleep and I still don’t know anything

I saw it swoop down and grab its prey from the bunch-grass
And swallow its life as a cloud and its shadow passed
It took off into the air
And it never broke its stare
Against a sky of blue it told me things I already knew

I know now exactly what you’re trying to tell me
We were both awake
We should have been asleep
Track Name: LadyBug
Go now
Go rest your head
Tonight you’re sleeping down among the dead
Go now
Go off to sleep
What I give you by the riverside is yours to keep

So slow
So slow so loud
The light beating down into the ground
Sweet sleep or a heart attack
And where we’re going we ain’t coming back

Skyline at night
The world crumbles in the early morning light
So sleep now
These things won’t bother you
There are fewer things that are as true